Better in maths. Scientifically proven.

bettermarks is an adaptive learning system for maths replacing printed textbooks or exercise books. With bettermarks, students are enabled to learn from their mistakes.
Learning maths online

Adaptive maths books for grades 4 to 10

  • Over 100 adaptive maths books
  • More than 100,000 questions
  • Automatic marking and result evaluation
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bettermarks turns mistakes into aha moments

A mistake – combined with a real-time feedback – is a great opportunity to learn something. Highly interactive input tools allow students to apply the competencies which are needed to solve a maths problem ... and to make mistakes.
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74% successful second attempts
71% closed knowledge gaps
More time for teachers to support
Scientific studies prove efficacy
bettermarks is an adaptive learning system for maths covering grades 4 to 10 (age 10 to 16).
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